“Let your light shine before others”

I took my daughter’s dog, Travis, for a walk this morning. He is a puggle, born in Texas (where he was adopted) and now living in New England. I don’t know if he prefers the warm weather of his birthplace, but he has short fur, so in the winter we dress him in sweaters, parkas, … Continue reading “Let your light shine before others”

Strength in numbers

In the past two weeks or so I attended the baptism of my older daughter's nephew (the son of her husband's brother), for whom she is the godmother; a birthday party for my 29-year-old son; a wake for the 56-year-old brother of my son’s father-in-law; and a memorial service for the 89-year-old mother of my … Continue reading Strength in numbers

The Light of the World

Last Friday, January 6, was the Feast of Epiphany, celebrated (in America, at least) on the first Sunday after January 1. According to Wikipedia, “In Christianity, the Epiphany refers to a realization that Christ is the Son of God.” Over the weekend my family attended the annual Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival, “a joyous … Continue reading The Light of the World