A Tale of Two Easters

Last Easter, in April 2017, my wife and I spent the weekend with our youngest child in Boston, Mass., where she resided until last month. That Sunday morning I woke up first and sat facing the front windows of our daughter’s studio apartment, reading Margaret Silf’s book “Inner Compass: An Invitation to Ignatian Spirituality.” (Actually, … Continue reading A Tale of Two Easters

“Let your light shine before others”

I took my daughter’s dog, Travis, for a walk this morning. He is a puggle, born in Texas (where he was adopted) and now living in New England. I don’t know if he prefers the warm weather of his birthplace, but he has short fur, so in the winter we dress him in sweaters, parkas, … Continue reading “Let your light shine before others”

Strength in numbers

In the past two weeks or so I attended the baptism of my older daughter's nephew (the son of her husband's brother), for whom she is the godmother; a birthday party for my 29-year-old son; a wake for the 56-year-old brother of my son’s father-in-law; and a memorial service for the 89-year-old mother of my … Continue reading Strength in numbers

A life-changing experience

This past Sunday my wife and I witnessed our daughter’s graduation from 200 hours of training to be a yoga instructor. She and her seven classmates participated in an hour-long yoga session, and took turns teaching each other, as well as their friends who attended in support of them. At the beginning of each student/teacher’s section … Continue reading A life-changing experience