These are some of the people who have influenced my Christian faith. More to come.

Alice Camille

Alice Camille is an author, religious educator, and parish retreat leader. Her book “God’s Word is Alive!” contains reflections on all three lectionary readings (the first, second, and Gospel) for Sundays and holy days — years A, B, and C. She follows these with “questions for reflection,” one for each reading, and concludes with an “action response” to help readers live their faith.

John Catoir

John Catoir is a Catholic priest devoted to spreading the Gospel by the use of mass communication. He was executive director of The Christophers from 1978-1995, hosting “Christopher Closeup,” an interview show, and recording “Christopher Minutes,” sixty-second radio ads promoting The Christophers’ message of hope (“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”). In 1995 he founded St. Jude Media Ministry to provide an “uplifting message of joy to those most in need through all forms of media.”