Who I truly am

Happy Ash Wednesday!

Relatives,  friends, and I are reading “The Little Black Book,” published by the Diocese of Saginaw, MI. It contains “six-minute reflections on the Passion according to John.”

Last Sunday’s reflection was about prayer. It explained that prayer is “simply tuning in to God’s presence … within me at the deepest part of who I am.” These last three words are repeated near the end of the page: “The reason I pray is to become more who I am.”

In Margaret Silf’s book “Inner Compass,” she describes our inner landscape as three concentric circles that she names, from the outside in, as:

1. The “Where Am I?” circle: The givenness of the facts and circumstances of my life, the things I cannot change.

2. The “How Am I?” circle: The areas of my life where I make personal choices and exercise some control.

3. The “Who Am I?” circle: The center of my being where I am who I truly am before God, the person God created me to be. When I spend time here, I move closer to the God who dwells in my heart.

Yesterday’s Little Book reflection tells us that John’s is “the Gospel that has the dramatic one-to-one encounters with various individuals … (who come) to recognize who Jesus really is.” Perhaps they meet him in their “third circle” and recognize, as well, who they themselves really are.

Not a bad goal for Lent.

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