The Little Books are here! The Little Books are here!

In Steve Martin’s 1979 movie “The Jerk,” there’s a scene where his character shouts, “The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here! … Page 73 — ‘Johnson, Navin R.’! I’m somebody now! Millions of people look at this book every day! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity — your name in print — that makes people. I’m in print!”

Well, I didn’t get quite that excited yesterday when my shipment of “Little Books” arrived, but it’s still good news.

Little Books” are a series of small booklets, about 4″ x 7″, published by the Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan, that provides daily reflections on some aspect of Holy Scripture according to a particular season of the liturgical year.

For example …

  • The Little Blue Book is for Advent and Christmas
  • The Little Black Book is for Lent
  • The Little White Book is for Easter

My mother used to give them to me, and, after she died, I started sharing them with relatives and friends.

Each book’s introduction explains that it “provides the framework for you to enjoy one of our oldest traditions of prayer called lectio divina — sacred reading. We take a short Scripture passage and simply let God speak to us through the words, guiding us to reflections that sometimes seem to come from nowhere.”

Happy Advent.

A sample two-page spread from The Little Blue Book for Advent and Christmas.

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